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Oh hi again (almost one year later)!  Geez, I have these ideas that I want to do, but my technology non-existent know-how overwhelms me and apparently it takes me a year to get over it and try again...sorry.


Anywho, I'm decorating my little sugaring room, and so far, all I have done is paint the walls and ceilings my favorite white (Falling Snow by Behr), add some shelf legdes which have been very handy, and put down wipeable interlocking floor tiles.  I have to work with the oak-y trim and doors because it's a rental, oh well.  It really could go any style direction so I am curious what environment you prefer in a spa-type room?  I use the term "spa" loosely for my  business because  when I hear the word "spa", I instantly think calm, relaxing, soothing.  Hair removal (what I do) is none of those, ha!  


Obviously, clean is a must and nothing freaky like weird dolls or taxidermy (sorry if you are into those, I don't mind some antlers myself, but not necessarily a good look for a spa room, in my opinion:) Here are several looks that I found, let me know which one is your favorite or what setting makes you the most comfortable!

*All images from my Pinterest page, I will see if I can find the original sources.


Happy Labor Day weekend!

Thanks so much for visiting!  Talk to you in a year or so (just kidding...I hope!):)


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